Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

School : Senior High Senior
Subject : English
Grade/Semester : X / I
Time Allocated : 1x15 minutes
Skill object : Reading / Speaking

1.Competence Standart : to communicate with English counterpart Novice level.

2. Basic Competence : to describe things, people, characteristics.

3.Indicator : to describe people and things.

4. Achievement Indicators : students are able to understand and mention about things, people, people and characteristics.

5. Materials : Describing People.

6. Methode : question and answer (oral question) and assingment.

7.Step of learning activities :

a. opening activities:
- praying
- greeting and checking attendance list of students
- students are informed about the achievement indicator of the lesson.
- students are given motivation which is very important to dominate the matery matery well.
b. main activities:
-make dialog and discussion, students are invited to understand how to describe things, people, and characteristics.
- make inkuiri method, using some examples to understand adjective that describes about people with English.
- make discussion and practice, students are invited to understand and show about describingpeople well.
- students answer the question from the teacher
c.closing activities:
- students are asked to make summarizing of the matery with teacher’s instruction.
- students and teacher do reflection.
- teacher gives homework.

8. Instrument and material :
- instrument
- learning sources: handbook, text book, LKS.

9. Assesment :
- type of the assesment : quiz and individual assignment
- form of the assesment : oral question


Describing People
Hair : light brown, brown, blond, black, curly.
Face : round face, oval face.
Eyes : small eyes, large eyes, round eyes, narrow eyes, slant eyes.
Eyelash : curved
Nose : flat nose, pointed nose
Lips : thin lips, thick lips, hare lips.
Skin : dark complexion, fair complexion.
Height : quite tall, rather tall, short, rather short, average height, drawft.
Body : fat, slim, thin, rather fat, well-developed

Example :
A: what does Dude look like?
B: He is rather tall with black hair, he has pointed nose, and he is well-developed.
Surabaya, January 25th,2011